title Rationale Lesson 1
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  • IL.4.A.2b Ask and respond to questions related to oral presentations and messages in small and large group settings.

  • IL.4.B.2b Use speaking skills and procedures to participate in group discussions.

  • IL.24.C.2 Describe situations where refusal skills are necessary (e.g., pressure to smoke, use alcohol and other drugs, join gangs; physical abuse and exploitation).


  • Better react to unexpected or undesired situations.


  • (Completed films)

A. Purpose: Students will be able to better react to unexpected or undesired situations.

B. Activity: As a class, view the finished products of each group. Students should be encouraged to give positive feedback to one another. After the films have been viewed, students should be given an opportunity to discuss their filmmaking journey and what went wrong along the way (as things always do). Students should discuss the solutions that were utilized at the time and if there may have been better solutions. Time permitting, extend discussion to life situations.

C. Assessment: An informal evaluation of discussion can be performed.

Progression: Use the discussion and acting skills discussed earlier as a jumping point for discussions on how to react to strangers, stressful situations, or other personal health and safety topics.