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  • IL.3.C.2a Write for a variety of purposes and for specified audiences in a variety of forms including narrative (e.g., fiction, autobiography), expository (e.g., reports, essays) and persuasive writings (e.g., editorials, advertisements).

  • IL.3.C.2b Produce and format compositions for specified audiences using available technology.


  • Write a complete screenplay and plan material needs for filming.

Materials: None.

Resources: None.

A. Purpose: Students will write a complete screenplay and plan material needs for filming.

B. Activity: The lesson should begin with students working on finishing their screenplays. About halfway through the class, the teacher should instruct students to make a list of anything they will need for filming: that is, costumes, scenery, or props. The intention is to keep things simple, but the teacher should make an effort to obtain any absolutely necessary scenery and students should bring any costumes/props to the next class. Depending on how the unit is scheduled, it would be preferred that students have a weekend between lessons 4 and 5 so materials can be brought to the next lesson (the lesson before filming). See the recommended schedule on the 'Rationale' page.

C. Assessment: A formal assessment can be done on the finalized scripts from each group.