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  • IL.26.B.2b Drama: Demonstrate actions, characters, narrative skills, collaboration, environments, simple staging and sequence of events and situations in solo and ensemble dramas.


  • Demonstrate acquired skills in the performance arts and filmmaking.


  • (Costumes, Props, Scenery)

  • Audio/visual equipment

A. Purpose: Students will demonstrate acquired skills in the performance arts and filmmaking.

B. Activity: Each groups' project should be shot independently of one another. Students in the group that is shooting should be dictating where cameras/microphones are placed, as well as filling their roles on camera. The teacher should be working the camera at all times. If additional cameras are available (for multiple angles of the same take), it would be preferred that an aide or parent volunteer works them. The students who are not on camera can be helping with props or scenery, further planning their own groups' filming, or learning by watching the filming group.

C. Assessment: Students' cooperation and participation should be considered, but no grade assigned.