Jeoparty II Overview 

Jeoparty II by Matthew Hagaman - Built on the MET Framework.

      Jeoparty II is a completely free computer program modeled after the Jeopardy television show. It is a teacher-led presentation program that is intended to provide a fun review experience for students. In addition to displaying prompts in the Jeopardy format, Jeoparty II tracks team scores and offers other advanced features.

Program Features:
  • Team Scoring - Automatically keep track of up to six teams' scores
  • Daily Doubles - Incorporate as many daily doubles (questions where teams can wager any amount) as you wish
  • Subtraction -Enable or disable penalties to teams who answer incorrectly
  • Final Jeoparty - Allow teams to wager their points on a more difficult summative question
  • Advanced Options - Use the built-in user interface to change team points, change the automatic time limit, reactivate previously viewed prompts, or change the appearance of the presentation.

Running the Program: To use this program, you will need to extract all of the files from the zip file you downloaded. This option may be on the left of the folder window or in the menu of your unzipping application. In the folder into which your files are extracted, find and double-click the *.exe file for either the player or the editor. The files you are looking for have a blue icon with a prominent 'E' for Editor or 'P' for Player.

Using the Program: There are two ways to navigate the player program used to display Jeoparty presentations.

  • Question / Point Interface - One is to the use the built-in Interface. As you select each question, select first a team (number 1-6) in the bottom left, then indicate if the answer is Correct (C), Incorrect (I), or not answered (NA). The NA option ends the question before the built-in timer.
  • Using the Keyboard - Alternately, you can use the keyboard to reflect answers and points. If you want to use only the keyboard, you may want to disable the Question / Point Interface in the advanced options before beginning your presentation. As teams answer, press the number key that matches the team who answers (1-6) followed by "y" if they answered correctly or "n" if they answered incorrectly. To end the question before the 30 second limit (when no team wishes to answer) enter 0.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 98 or newer, Windows Installer 3.0+, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0**, 500+ MHz processor, 256 MB RAM

** It is essential that Framework 2.0 is installed, otherwise the program may not be able to run or may complete some internal calculations incorrectly.

Suggestions Welcome
While this project was created solely for my own uses, I am more than willing to continue development based on the suggestions of other educators (as my time permits, of course).  If you have any suggestions, I encourage you to send me an e-mail - .  In anticipation of suggestions to come, here are a few features I already have in mind for future versions:

  • Image & Video Support - Questions featuring images (images of animals or chemical bonds come to mind).
  • Option to Display Answer - When the question has been answered, why not display the answer?
  • Saved Preferences - If you would like an option set for every presentation, it can be a pain to change it every time.

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