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Just-In-Time Teacher Training for the Virtual Grid Construction Game (2021)

As educators play the Virtual Grid Construction Game (below), this asynchronous teacher training enables teachers to ask and find answers to questions they have about content, functionality, and pedagogy. FAQ-style questions and answers are presented at the point in the game where they were asked, but educators can also search the database of questions and answers or ask new questions, which can then be added to the experience for other educators.


Virtual Grid Construction Game (2020)

The Smart Grid for Schools program at Illinois State University ships physical models allowing learners to construct the electrical grid, but this web-based game does everything the models do, and then some! In addition to building a chronological version of the electrical grid, players can explore the roles smart meters, load balancing, and automated switching play in the smart grid.


Virtual Smart Home (2020)

The Smart Grid for Schools program at Illinois State University ships physical smart home interactives to K-12 schools around the state. This tablet-based experience was published to the web with a new virtual home interface in support of e-Learning during the spring of 2020.


Curriculum Builder (2020)

In conjunction with the Virtual Grid Construction Game and Internet-based Smart Home (above), I've created an interactive curriculum builder. Teachers can select which questions they would like their students to answer, then export a customized Student and Teacher's Edition Word document.


Tech Chains (2019)

Many present-day innovations are new combinations of older technologies. This educational resource is designed to help students understand chains of technology and the role simpler machines have in more complex ones.


Pekin Academy of Fine Arts (2017)

The Pekin Academy of Fine Arts offered art classes and artist exhibitions to the greater Peoria community. This site, launched at the start of 2017, was simple and user-friendly with a hint of elegance. The web application I built to manage class registration and communication with stakeholders was accessible through the Registration and Calendar pages.


ConnectEd Learning Management System (2015)

The culmination of several years of updates, ConnectEd is the web application I built for use in my own classroom. The site facilitates assessment, providing students and teacher with secure testing and immediate feedback in a variety of visual formats. It also facilitates a variety of word work exercises applying a combination of student- and teacher-generated information. Lastly, it can serve as an assignment book as well as a portal for assignments and other resources.


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