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Peoria Academy of Sciences Geology Section
This site is only my second shot at truly responsive web design. While most of my sites were built to be usable on any screen size, this one truely resizes layout and content to adapt to different screens.

Free Fitness Videos
Free Fitness Videos is the home to hundreds of health and fitness videos. Beyond providing educational content, the site allows users to view preset workouts, create their own workouts from the site's exercise database, and even add their own video content for review. In addition to developing and maintaining the site, I edited most of the initial videos.
     After 2 years of foreign development (and little to show for it), I took over all design and coding work in August 2010. This complex site is continuously updated and more features are on the way.

IJAS Region 4
The Illinois Junior Academy of Science is a not-for-profit responsible for regional and state-level sceience fair expositions. The Region 4 site explains the science fair process and provides an interface for judge and project registration.

Coz's Pizza* site offline *
Coz's Pizza and Pub is a locally owned and operated pizza parlour. In conjunction with the web site, I developed a web-based customer loyalty system (automating coupon and offer distribution).
     This site went offline in late 2013 when the restaurant decided to no longer maintain a web presence.

Pekin Academy of Fine Arts
The Pekin Academy of Fine Arts offers art classes and artist exhibitions to the greater Peoria community. This new site, launched at the start of 2017, is designed to be simple and user-friendly with a hint of elegance. The web application I built to manage class registration and communication with stakeholders is accessible through the Registration and Calendar pages.

ConnectEd<no link provided>
The culmination of several years of updates, ConnectEd is the web application I built for use in my own classroom. The site facilitates assessment, providing students and teacher with secure testing and immediate feedback in a variety of visual formats. It also facilitates a variety of word work exercises applying a combination of student- and teacher-generated information. Lastly, it can serve as an assignment book as well as a portal for assignments and other resources.
     This site could be opened to other educators by request.

I have also worked on:

Body Symmetry -
Body Symmetry is a partnership of personal fitness trainers in Springfield, Illinois. Updates are performed by me, but are infrequent.
Personal Health and Fitness -
Personal Health and Fitness, which airs on Springfield Local Access 4, is also accessible online.


Baseball Conditioning

Computer Banc

Coz's Wholesale Foods

Dallas City Elementary

EIU Education Scholars Program

EIU Harry Potter Club

EIU Homecoming

EIU Student Life Office

EIU University Board

Fit to Work

Illinois Retina Center

Massie Massie & Associates

Physiotherapy Professionals

State University Annuitants Association

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